Graduation Dresses Australia sister prays a lot for me and supports and fights

Before my mum bungle my dream to be a wife

My mother is ruining my life.I am tired and deeply unhappy and falling into depression.

My mother is a single parent and i'm her only child.My father died 10 years ago and his family rejected me after his demise.From her story too, she also didn't want me but kept me when she was told she would die if she attempted to abort me.

In 2008, my mother rejected the man i was dating on the ground that he once dated her friend's daughter.Despite her objections, i continued with him because we loved each other.He was my life, my world, just as i was his.

However fate intervened when my pastor friend who is like my sister cautioned me against continuing with the relationship.According to the vision she saw concerning my boyfriend, he has a very short great deals on Bridesmaid Dresses Australia lifespan.For this reason she said, i should terminate the relationship.We were too deeply in love that we ended up sleeping with each other.

However, 10 months into our relationship, his sister and mother said they didn't like me even though his mum has never met me.We had no choice at that point but to end the relationship.Also, at about that time, i dreamt of him dying.

But before i took the decision to leave him, i asked Evening Dresses Australia him if he knew about his short lifespan, he said he has been told.That was the point i decided it was time i left him.

Therefore, i decided to date another man but i still couldn't stop thinking about my former boyfriend.On about three occasions, i secretly met with him, but we didn't go beyond kissing.

After the third time, Australia i decided to stop seeing him despite my feelings for him.

Just as i was settling into my second relationship, i suffered a disappointment.He went back on his promise to marry me.At that point, i resumed having sex with my ex boyfriend even though he made it clear he wasn't going into a fullscale relationship with me again.According to him, he needed time to think.After a while, i couldn't wait because i felt he was just using me for sex.

I left town for my master's programme.At that point i decided to remain single.My mother keeps trying to get me back with my exboyfriend, who disappointed me unfortunately;I am not interested.

She has done so many spiritual things;Even got him to be calling me but i changed my number.My pastor warned against going home as my family was planning a wedding for me.According to her it would be my doom.

Three months into my programme, another man proposed;Actually on my birthday.I agreed because i felt i was over my first boyfriend.

I introduced him to my mother's sisters.They all accepted him, but my mother insisted she was going to pray about it.She came back to say it was my ex i should marry and not the man i want to marry.According to her, my ex is actually my husband.

To my surprise, my aunties who were all in support of my choice also changed;At that point, i knew it was planned work.So i recorded all their conversation and played it to my fianc.

We had everything planned.His family was going to pay for everything and had even paid for the wedding dress as well as the wedding rings.

He too abruptly ended the relationship.I therefore found myself thinking more about my first boyfriend whom i loved so much.

Strangely, i wasn't upset about my fianc leaving;Instead i was thinking more about my first boyfriend.

But my mother insists i marry my second boyfriend and that i may never marry since he is the one ordained by god for me as my husband.

The painful thing is that my mother has refused to listen to anything i say.She went to the extent of giving an ultimatum to call him.I am very angry with her because she won't listen to me.

Out of confusion, i called my first boyfriend only for him to inform me that he has another woman in his life.I was very hurt by statement and confession of being in love with his current woman.

Although i still love him, i have accepted my fate.He however promised to come back to me if things don't work out between him and this new woman in his life.

My concern has to do with my mother's attitude towards me.She is ruining my life and i really plan to stop seeing her for the sake of peace.She only listens to her sisters who are witches and out to destroy my life.They don't want me to do well they want their children to do better than me.My mother has even joined her sisters because i saw her initiation in my dreams.Her sisters have tried to kill me severally in my dream, but god is always protecting me.

My pastor who is like my Graduation Dresses Australia sister prays a lot for me and supports and fights my battles, but it is starting to affect me psychologically.I am beginning to become very unhappy.Because i live alone, i am always very lonely and i am beginning to feel deeply unhappy.I love my ex but he is now in love with someone else.

I am finding it hard to get over him.Please, how can i get over him and avoid doing what my mother wants?What should i do about my situation?

Go and discuss with your mother.She holds the key to your happiness.Although persistent prayers will free you from this problem but there is the need for you to call your mother to a private conference.

From your account, it will be almost impossible for any man to stay with you if your mother maintains her stance.For reasons best known to her, she will continue to counter any decision you made.The men will continue to jilt you at vital points in your life.

Fighting your mother or branding her names won't work.That dream came about because god wanted you to be aware of the forces behind your problems.What you need now is wisdom to tackle that which god has shown you.It would be foolishness on your part to go about branding her a witch.You will only be complicating your situation.

Don't forget you were never wanted by her.She only kept you when she was told she would die if she attempted to abort you.Therefore, the battle you are fighting didn't start today.It started the moment your father denied you and made you her sole responsibility.

In a way she feels you owe her your life because she sacrificed her freedom and happiness for you.She secretly blames you for the pains of bringing up a child on her own as well as her inability to marry.Granted, she is your mother, but in her twisted view, she blames your presence in her life for all the problems in her own.She might have made up her mind to frustrate you the same way your father did to her.

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